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Eleniyan Leadership Foundation

Hon. Olusegun Olulade wanted to give back to the society in a way that will matter. His vision is to show the young ones in the community the power behind the discipline and determine soul through initiatives that will provide not only opportunities to realise their dreams but to be a good and responsible citizen to the country. IIMAGIN was task with the responsibility of creating a visual voice to this grand vision in which many young and proud Nigerian will be pleased to associate with the course.

FAZ Remit

Transferring money to Nigeria and Ghana from the US is a huge deal to a lot of west African American citizen, so the timing was right for Resource Bridge to reinforce their edge on the market and refreshed the mind of the people on their speed of delivery. IIMAGIN was glad to help in providing a visual voice to help grab people’s attention in a way that was vibrant, energetic and unusually approachable.

Jacbuildersword website

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Nigeria Direct

In the highly competitive money transfer industry, Resource Bridge wanted their brand product – Nigeria Direct, to stand out among other brands. The identity was design to feel approachable, simple and honest. This was to reinforce the product reliability, indigeneity and commitment to serve the need of its customers.

Marriage Reginated

Daniel came to us to develop an identity for his annual couple retreat called Marriage Reignited. His vision is to reach as many people in Texas and show them the importance of investing in their marriages. This we did showing the burning fire that should be kept ablaze in the heart of a marriage union.


A series of personal project mix with passion and interest that IIMAGIN has engaged itself throughout the years.


Abarron is a financial company aim at providing financial services for their clients. IIMAGIN helps develop Abarron visual identity system, brand guidelines, and visual feel for their print and online experience. By conveying different layers of financial offers we enhance customers experience in their interaction with the brand.


Tee apparel had always been an opportunity to express our passion for art and fashion. It gave us a voice to speak without speaking, protest without noise and express our feeling without crying.